Tablet Pressing

FlexiTab Single Punch 3 Layer Tablet Press

The FlexiTab provides tablet development formulators with a very versatile single punch tablet press. The FlexiTab is capable of manufacturing single, 2 layer and even 3 layer tablets.


1 layer: 1,020/h
2 layer: 600/h
3 layer: 300/h

Tablet Press Accessories

Tooling Inspection and Analysis System

Dust Cup Puncher

Manesty mpower Lite

TPR 200 Tablet Press

Ideal for pilot to mid size production batches. Flexible design, including options for R & D configuration, containment applications as well as bi-layer tablets.


up to 230,000 tablets/h

TPR 500 Tablet Press

The TPR 500 is equipped with a new 56-station die table considerably reducing process and production time.


up to 403,000 tablets/h

TPR 700 Tablet Press

The TPR 700 is a high speed, double-sided press capable of producing over 1 million tablets per hour.


up to 1,008,000 tablets/h