High-Shear Mixer

Hüttlin high-shear mixer granulator systems HTG/HBG/SinglePot 300 to 1800

With the HTG (Huttlin Top-Drive Granulator) and HBG (Huttlin Bottom-Drive Granulator), Huttlin has a high-shear mixer granulator to meet every requirement. Gentlewing with all of its benefi ts is available for use in either version.

Volume (litres):
300 - 1,800

Hüttlin high-shear mixer granulator system Mycromix

Mycromix and Pilotmix high-shear mixer granulators When it comes to extremely homogeneous mixing results, granules of the highest quality and top performance of production with short drying times, Hüttlin offers the right solution.

Volume (litres):
0,5; 1,0; 2,5; 5,0; 10,0

Hüttlin high-shear mixer granulator system Pilotmix

Either as a small production unit or as a step between laboratory and production, this product line offers all advantages and features that are otherwise only available in production scale.

Volume (litres):

25 - 150