Barrier Systems/Containment

GKF 720 HiProTect - Modular HiProTect capsule filling machine

The GKF 720 HiProTect from the GKF 720 platform is designed to process powders, pellets and tablets. It offers a washable containment concept (WIP) ensuring highest protection for operator, machine and product up to OEB 5 product requirements.


3,000 - 43,500 capsules/h

GKF 720 - ProTect capsule filling machine for small batches

The GKF 720 ProTect from the GKF7 20 platform is designed to process powders, pellets and tablets. It offers a dry containment concept ensuring the highest protection for operator, machine and product up to OEB 4 requirements.


3,000 - 43,500 capsules/h

GKF 702 Protect - Capsule filling machine with containment

Based on the platform GKF 702 the GKF 702 ProTect is an economical machine with a very small footprint. The GKF 702 ProTect is able to produce small batches for research and development or clinical purposes.


from 8.500 to 42.000 caps/h

GKF 1700 HiProTect - Capsule filling machine with containment for processing potent substances

Medium speed containment capsule filling machine with an output up to 100.000 capsules per hour, including WIP/CIP and no-cap no-fill function (for powder, pellets, tablets, liquids and combinations).


100,000 capsules/h

GKF 2600 ProTect – High-performance capsule filling for a safe production

The GKF2600 ProTect offers a manual dry containment concept for OEB 3-4.


Max 156,000 capsules/h

Wireless Glove Testing Systems

The Wireless Glove Testing Systems are the best solution for reliable glove testing within the sterile room or Isolator.

Isolator systems for aseptic and high-potent applications

The safe and economical filling of aseptic and highly potent products requires a comprehensive process know-how. To that end. Bosch offers you a unique approach of integration – all from one source.


  • Worldwide references
  • Integrated system
  • Process know-how

ISS – fast hydrogen peroxide transfer air-lock

The introduction of materials into production isolators isn‘t only a critical process, but also a time-consuming one. With the Bosch ISS, you benefit from an air-lock system, that greatly accelerates the transfer process without impacting pharmaceutical safety.


  • Short cycle time starting at 15 minutes
  • Airlock as a stand-alone or integrated version available

RABS – Restricted Access Barrier System

Restricted Access Barrier System from Bosch – more flexibility and quality for existing cleanrooms. More product quality due to physical seperation of product and operator.


  • High product quality due to barrier technology
  • Possibility to upgrade existing production facilities

SafeVAP – Bio-decontamination System

Simple means reliable. Reliability in the pharmaceutical industry is a “must“. When it comes to filling lines, isolators offer tangible advantages over traditional aseptic processing – but a reliable bio-decontamination cycle for the inside of the isolator is imperative.


  • Short cycle time
  • Fully integrated into isolator system
  • Reliable technology