Year of Foundation: 1962

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Moeller & Devicon A/S

A Bosch Packaging Technology Company


Elmevej 9
DK-4262 Sandved

Phone: +45 55 46 24 00


The company Moeller & Devicon (M&D) was founded 1962 in Sandved, Denmark. In 2003 Robert Bosch GmbH acquired 51% of M&D. The remaining 49% of M&D were acquired by Bosch in 2007.

M&D is specialized in designing and manufacturing machines for the pharmaceutical and the Medtec industry all over the world.

The portfolio of Bosch Packaging Technology at M&D contains single machines and complete lines. This covers the entire process chain in Assembly, Handling and Label&Pack. In addition M&D offers documentation and services for the qualification of machinery, validation of processes and training of operators.

1962 Moeller Maskinfabrik founded by Svend and Erik Möller
1993 Moeller & Devicon Merger Specialmaskiner
1997 1st Expansion of the production in Sandved
2001 2nd Expansion of the production in Sandved, 75 employees
Robert Bosch GmbH acquired 51% of M&D
2007 Robert Bosch GmbH acquired the remaining 49% of M&D
2009 Robert Bosch GmbH Lead Plant investment in further expansion: 1,600 m² Admin and Customer Service Center and 2,400 m² new assembly